Good News from SEMPO Report

It seems SEO’s are fairing well these-days, even in a bad economic environment – salaries for SEM/SEO related positions were up in 2008 and that just shows that decision makers are continuing to see the relative value we bring to the table. 2009 yearly salaries for an individual contributor with 1-3 years relevant experience range[…]

SEO’s that break ToS will not be getting 10 to 20 years…

The LA Times is reporting that the judge in the MySpace Mom’s suicide killing case has overturned his decision about the ‘criminality’ of breaking the Terms of Service of a website. And that is really good news for all those SEO’s out there that have ever purchased a link. I know a few SEO’s that[…]

Optimization vs. Paid Search

In 2008 it is interesting to see that paid search efforts outspent organic optimization 10-1, my thoughts are that this will drastically change over the course of the next 5 years because many competitive industries are hitting extremely high costs on a pay-per-click basis and even though SEO can be harder to measure and can[…]

SEO’s that Don’t Speak nor Write English

I have been wondering how SEO’s that don’t speak or write English are able to do a proper job optimizing for it?  I know you can pretty much learn most SEO skills in any language but since much of SEO is reading, writing and optimizing for the English language I just don’t see it being[…]

Dropped Domains – Enough is Enough

This fad started a few years back and it seems there is no end in sight.  As long as ‘pretend’ SEO’s and newbie webmaster chase the ole might ‘green bar’ I guess the business of buying dropped domains with page rank will continue.  Here is one of my favorites that I just found on DP[…]

Does Page Rank Help in Search Engine Ranking Position?

This question has been floating around the web for years and the myth still looms quite large.  Does a high page rank help me get a high search engine ranking? The simple answer is a big, fat NO!  But it gets much more complicated.  A high page rank could be representative of many other high[…]