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The world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine marketing (SEM) moves so fast that reading a book on either topic is probably a futile affair. No sooner has the book been written, published, and distributed than the information within it is horribly outdated.

Having said that, it cannot be clearer where search is headed in 2017 and while the specifics of Kelowna SEO algorithm changes may currently be unknown, you can be sure of several things including:

  1. Audience Targeting Replacing Traditional Keyword Research

In 2017, you should focus less on traditional keyword research and more on audience targeting. It is not as if keywords will no longer matter then. Part of understanding your audience requires understanding search patterns and search intent. However, beyond this you need to examine who your audience is and how you can cater to their needs.

You should identify key elements of your audience such as the devices on which they visit your website i.e. mobile or desktop, who they are, and whether they are searching for information. You should also find out whether they are looking to buy and if they are, you should offer the necessary decision support.

If you are able to address all the above using quality content and in a thoughtful manner, you will definitely target the proper keywords without a struggle.

  1. Understanding The Importance Of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

You should start reading up on Google’s RankBrain with regards to how it works and what you can expect from machine learning and artificial intelligence regarding SEO.

Search engines no longer rely on a single algorithm as many people imagine. They use hundreds of algorithms and RankBrain uses machine learning to determine the most appropriate combination of those to use for a particular query.

In 2017, you should forget all about the algorithms. Stop trying to understand or predict the changes. Just create content that will satisfy the intent of your users. Google is currently learning increasingly faster how to determine user intent and it is time you did so too.

  1. Search Engine Marketing Will Be More Important Than Ever

Google has brought big changes to AdWords and you can be sure that more will soon come. Besides eliminating ads on the right hand column of search results, text ads are now longer, mobile and desktop ads are currently handled separately, while fewer organic results appear in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS).

PPC has for a wile been the only way to find out the exact keywords users enter when making a search query. However, the adoption and increased use of voice search is now making it possible to obtain new information that can drive conversions and brand awareness as well as provide critical data for your organic SEO strategy.

With the reduction in organic results, extra space at the top of organic results, and the continued AdWords improvement, a smart strategy would be to include a healthy SEM budget.

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